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'Healthy House Call' is America's longest running live, daily call-in wellness talk show since 1975 bringing you the latest breakthroughs of international integrative medicine featuring world class physicians, nutraceutical industry experts, Hollywood celebrities, professional athlete's, noted authors and most importantly, our patients who share remarkable recoveries from health challenges.

Dr. Koontz strives to bring greater insight to human suffering, understanding fundamental differences between symptomatic management versus correction, exploring management for maximum medical improvement through discovering underlying causes of symptoms, how conventional allopathic Rx only controls symptoms, how alternative medicine seeks to resolve underlying causes of symptoms, working towards natural resolution with ultimate goals of increased quality longevity and life extension.

Guests on 'Healthy House Call' bring new hope through presenting new methods of treatment from all worlds of medical management ranging from surgical technology, I.V. nutritional Rx, oral nutraceuticals, dietary and lifestyle modifications. Nutritionists also reveal secrets of food technology, foods to avoid, foods to enjoy, proper food combinations for maximum energy, vegetarian food combinations for complete proteins, essential benefits of fruits, produce, live food preparation, exciting secrets for permanent weight management and much more.

Dr. Koontz says, 'Understanding symptomatic drug management motivates folks to seek real solutions for correction through addressing underlying causes of disease with effective natural solutions which include cleansing, detoxification, purification, oxygenation, nourishing, repairing and complementing body rejuvenation. Also, we present the newest products entering the market, objectives and important theraputic benefits.'

Dan Koontz and Bernando LaPallo Myself with Bernando LaPallo, 112 years young

Dr. Linus Pauling said, 'Chronic pain is our best friend as this motivates us to seek solutions beyond temporary drug relief and seek permanent solutions with alternative management'.

Healthy House Calls holds your hand as we help you discover new understanding to freedom from pain and suffering with natural solutions and the latest breakthroughs of modern technology.

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